Médéric Burlet

Full-Stack & Security Engineer.

About Me

I'm a full-stack developer who also loves anything security related. I have a passion for new technology and discovery. Always on the lookout for interesting projects to tackle.


Web Design

Comfortable using HTML, CSS, SCSS and frameworks like Bootstrap, Wordpress to design responsive and beautiful websites.

Software Developement

Having worked with PHP, NodeJS, Typescript, .NET, React, Expo, Flutter, and more enables me to create complex applications that suit client's needs.

Project Management

Comfortable managing small teams to deliver small to medium sized projects from web apps to mobile apps and more.

Recent Projects


Enhanced file system handler for nodejs. This library helps you manage user settings and read / write config files.


A simple node library for adding and managing cronjobs in a seamless manner. Simplifying auto-deployment of cronjobs on servers.


A tool for exploring and investigating APIs and websites. Build with typescript, it will scan a target and generate a HTML or MD report.