This is the word that got me to add a blog section to my website. We live in a world where communicating is simple to one end but complicated on the other. It is simple in the sense that with email, phones, apps and more we can communicate with friends all around the world very easily. But it can also be hard to communicate and share ideas.

Let’s imagine someone (Ben) trying to explain the design of his new room to a friend (Kate), the process would be:

  • What Ben imagines
  • What Ben says
  • What Kate hears
  • What Kate understands

Already here we can see how much something can change when trying to convey it. We also have to take into consideration many other factors which will vastly change the understanding part. For instance something expensive for Ben might be something very cheap for Kate.


So trying to bypass those issues made me want to start my blog to allow friends, colleagues, employers or whomever understand my personality, thoughts, the kind of person I am. My blog will mainly focus on sharing my projects, photography, travels, thoughts.

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