Dux (/dʌks, dʊks/; plural: ducēs)

Writing readme files by the dozens when creating small components or when wanting to write implementation examples. I have always been bothered by the limited markdown and design possibilities when using GitHub flavored md and the fact of keeping consistent design throughout my documentations.

Thus came the idea of Dux (latin for leader) a program to translate your Markdown Files to a responsive, one page, ready-to-deploy documentation website.

Things To Know

  • Each left menu item is equivalent to a .md file
  • The syntax highlight for inline code is js
  • If there is no Code Block design uses one main column
  • Generates a one page website in: duxOutput


npm start  


npm start DuxApi md

You can also install the npm package globally:

npm install -g dux-documentation

You can then execute Dux with:


Render example:

Design Example

Dux Design Example